Magic Shows Offers For You

1. Birthday Package kidz show for 20 to 30 minutes:

This type of show will be great fun for your whole family & friends. The acts include Appearing Cane or Vanishing Cane to flower bouquet, Candle to Silk/Silk to Umbrella, Multiplying Balls, Coin Magic, Chinese Linking Rings, Bird Magic/Animal Magic etc. This is suitable for Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, at Home or Restaurant etc.

2. Semi Illusion Show for 45 minutes:

This type of show will be great entertainment for a family of different age groups. The performance include semi illusions, using big props Neck Guillotine, Hand cutter, Head less Illusion, Balloon to Dove, Umbrella Production and many more… This great show has claimed great fame at school Graduation Parties, Family get-together, Promotion Party, Conferences, Seminars, Product launches, Girgian Party etc.

3. Professional Stage illusion Show for -1 Hour:

This is a Great show of fun filled entertainment for 1 hour, for audiences of all ages. Hi-lights that during this wonder full stage performance are color changing dress, Zig Zag lady illusion/Houdini Escape box illusion, mail bag escape, Head less illusion, Air mail, Balloon to dove, Dove act, Umbrella act and many more new illusions. This great illusion show entertain is best suited for large group/large stage setup suitable for family get-together, Company Parties, Corporate Events etc.

4. Close up Magic Show for-45 minutes:

This type of Table Hopping Show keeps your guests spell-bound while waiting for Lunch or Dinner at Restaurants , Hotels, Party Halls, Conference, Seminars etc. Tricks included are Coin Tricks, Rope Tricks, Pen Tricks, Playing cards, Silk Tricks, Manipulation Tricks, Rubber bands and many more…